Thank you for supporting our 2021 participating Green Brands

Green Friday

Australia’s first online sustainable event

As the world grapples with a host of worsening environmental issues, most of us aren’t doing enough to help make a difference. Single use plastics, runaway consumerism, a lack of focus on sustainability. They’re things we want to be better at. But our busy lives make doing more really hard.

It feels as if our choice is to either keep doing what we’re doing and ignore the planet. Or, turn ourselves into hermits and reject the modern world.

That’s why we set out to build Green Friday. A 4-day sustainable retail event to help you easily discover incredible sustainable deals at the best prices! All participating brands will be vetted against our sustainability framework and will have their own brand page, where you will be able to learn more about where they are at in their sustainability journey.

This means you can shop based on what is important to you! Only want to shop certified sustainable businesses? Fine! Only want to support businesses that sell products with sustainable materials? Can do! 

This November sales period, choose to shop sustainably-sound deals with purpose and greater intention through Green Friday.

Green Friday enables you to access special offers from businesses taking care of our planet.

Our commitment to you

We only feature sustainable and ethical deals

All deals are vetted to ensure they align with our Green Friday vision.

We are all about conscious consumption

Let’s flip the narrative on this chaotic sales period and shop with consideration and mindfulness.

Green Friday is more than an event. Its a movement

By default we are all consumers, we need to start purchasing products and services that are better for our planet. Our future relies on it.