About Green Friday

Australia’s first sustainable event

November is a key growth month for Australian retail with a combination of events including Click Frenzy, Singles Day to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It has become a critical period for retailers but none of them are thinking about the sustainability of the planet. Green Friday as an initiative from the guys that brought you Releaseit, addresses it.

Finder’s recent survey of 1,015 Australians reveals that 46% – equivalent to 8.9 million Australians – plan on shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A vast quantity of these Australians are likely to experience some form of ‘shopper’s remorse’ following this veritable ‘binge’ period.

Green Friday is a reactive movement flipping the narrative on the chaotic consumption period, with a driving ethos of shopping with consideration and mindfulness. The project implores consumers to resist the urgency and frenzied mania of the November sales sprint to instead slowly (and consciously) peruse sustainable and ethical brands. It’s the proverbial riot against the mass-waste aftermath of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday scramble, as many consumers purchase with impulse in lieu of thoughtfulness.

Our commitment to you

We work only with sustainable brands

All brands are vetted to ensure they align with our Green Friday vision.

We are all about conscious consumption

Resist the urgency and frenzied mania of the November sales sprint.

Green Friday is more than an event. Its a movement

Lets flip the narrative on this chaotic period & shop with consideration & mindfulness